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ISO 9001:2008: Corrective action 8.5.2

A corrective action should be considered as a reactive response to a problem since it is taken when a non-conformance is detected or upon receipt of a customer complaint or other event.

Your organization should first contain the problem and then determine its root cause in order to take appropriate corrective action to prevent the problem’s recurrence. Develop a procedure to control corrective actions in order to correct non-conformities by:

  1. Recording corrective actions
  2. Performing an initial review
  3. Determining causes
  4. Determining the need to take action
  5. Implementing action where required
  6. Preventing recurrence
  7. Evaluating effectiveness
  8. Recording the results using the forms provided
  9. Examining the effectiveness of corrective actions

In response to a symptom, evaluate the need for initiating the problem solving process. If necessary, provide an emergency response action to protect the customer and initiate the process. Application criteria:

  1. The symptoms has been defined and quantified
  2. The customers who experienced the problem or symptom are identified
  3. Measurements taken to quantify the problem or symptom
  4. Performance gap
  5. The cause is unknown
  6. Symptom complexity exceeds the ability of one person to resolve

Establish an investigation team with:

  1. Process and/or product knowledge
  2. Allocated time
  3. Authority to solve the problem and implement corrective actions
  4. Skill in the required technical disciplines
  5. A designated Team Leader

Your corrective action procedure must explain how you:

  1. Review non-conformance and customer complaints
  2. Decide the cause of the problem
  3. Decide an appropriate course of action to stop the problem recurring
  4. Put the plan into action
  5. Ensure that the action has solved the problem

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