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ISO 9001:2008: Customer related processes 7.2

This guidance has been updated for ISO 9001:2015, please click here to review the changes. The objective of any ISO 9001 quality management system is to keep the customer happy. These requirements apply at all stages of the sales process e.g. enquiry and quotation, order receipt, order processing and order amendment.

Customer related processes interface with the design and development process, as well as the purchasing and process control processes.

A each stage, the key questions are, 'do we really understand what the customer wants? 'Are we able to do the job on time and in full?' 'Has the customer changed their requirements?' Such key questions should be the basic sales objectives in any business.

  1. Determining product requirements 7.2.1
  2. Reviewing product requirements 7.2.2
  3. Customer communication 7.2.3