Internal audit checklist

(ISO 9001:2015 quality management system auditing)

Internal audit checklists and process audit templates

Internal Audit

Whether you're undergoing an external audit for certification, or simply improving your management system's internal audit regime, the ISO 9001 internal audit checklists help deliver meaningful results by promoting effective audit planning, reporting and problem-solving.

  • FREE Process audit template
  • FREE 9-page off-site supplier self-assessment questionnaire
  • FREE 21-page on-site supplier audit checklist template
  • FREE Gap analysis checklist

The ISO 9001 internal audit checklist, supplier audit checklist and process audit template are fully editable, supplied in .docx and .xlsx formats. Easily amend the text, and tailor the templates to suit your business's audit requirements.

Face the certification auditors with confidence!

Developed to align with the concepts, guidelines, and terminology from ISO 19011:2018 Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems, the audit checklists reduce the risk of nonconformities during crucial internal audits for implementation and certification purposes.

If you're looking for ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 integrated management system templates, please click here for more information. ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 internal audit checklists are available here.

Why use an internal audit checklist?

The purpose of internal audit checklist is to help monitor and evaluate the conformance of an organization’s quality management system and the effectiveness of its processes. By using the internal audit checklist to compare business activities to broad system requirements, you can ensure that each clause or requirement has been assessed.

  • Use the audit checklist to capture management system conformance
  • Manage your audit findings in real-time
  • Filter the audit checklist to select specific clauses to assist with process auditing
  • Generate charts to summarize, communicate and report your internal audit findings

How do I audit a process?

Once your quality management system has matured, businesses should develop a process approach to their internal auditing programme. You can cross-refer the clause references in the process audit template to the questions in the filtered internal audit checklist.

Use the FREE process audit template, which replicates the turtle diagram from the Internal Audit Procedure, to encourage the auditors to review the inputs, outputs, risks, controls, activities, equipment, materials, personnel and methods of measurement for each process.

ISO 9001 audit checklist specification

The fully editable internal audit checklists comprise the certifiable requirements from ISO 9001:2015, phrased as question, to help ensure that each clause is assessed and that your processes are delivering the expected outputs. To see examples of the internal audit checklists and procedures, click the orange coloured links in the table below.

What's included with the internal audit checklists?
The Excel-based internal audit checklist focuses on the quality management system requirements to help ensure each clause is effectively implemented:
» Use the ISO audit checklist to capture management system conformance
» Filter the checklist to select specific clauses to create process audit checklists
» Generate charts to summarize and communicate audit findings
» Use the FREE process audit template to capture process performance
» FREE 9-page off-site supplier self-assessment questionnaire
» FREE 21-page on-site supplier audit checklist template
The 2 procedures each include a turtle diagram to define process inputs, activities, and outputs, as well as process maps to define the sequence of operation:
» Internal Audit Procedure
» Nonconformity and Corrective Action Procedure
4 Essential report and form templates in .docx and .xlsx format to communicate internal audit outputs and corrective actions to demonstrate effective operation:
» Internal Audit Report
» Internal Audit Feedback Form
» Corrective Action Report (includes 5-Whys root-cause analysis method)
» Corrective Action Log
Use the internal audit programme template to schedule your internal audits and meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, Clause 9.2.2a, includes:
» 2-year, short range, detailed internal audit programme
» 10-year, long range, overview internal audit programme
» Process application matrix to link ISO 9001 clauses to your processes
With plenty of practical examples, the guidance documents describe the requirements for internal auditing and corrective action:
» 68-page interpretation and guidance for each ISO 9001:2015 requirement
» 17-page guide on conducting internal audits, gap analysis, and process audits
» 18-page problem solving and implementing corrective action guide
» ISO 9001:2015 v ISO 9001:2008 correlation matrix and change summary
FREE Gap analysis checklist, 14-page transition planning guide with a 9-step ISO 9001:2015 implementation plan with 7 transition checklists

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Internal audit checklist formatting and compatibility

The editable internal audit checklist, gap analysis and process audit checklist templates are compatible with Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat for Windows or MAC and are compatible with SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, and all proprietary digital storage solutions. The ISO audit templates are supplied in .zip files for fast download 0.9 and 3.5Mb | extracted file sizes are between 1.1 and 4.1Mb.

Gap analysis audit checklist

The gap analysis will likely be your first ISO 9001:2015 audit as it provides a valuable baseline for the implementation process as a whole. The Gap Analysis Checklist summarizes the requirements contained in ISO 9001:2015 and will help to determine the differences, or gaps, between your existing quality management system and the requirements.

Management system audit checklist

System audits are commonly referred to as a ‘first-party audit’ and are conducted by organizations to determine conformance to a set of audit criteria arising from standards like ISO 9001:2015, often in preparation for certification. The Internal Audit Checklist focuses on the quality management system requirements to ensure that each clause has been implemented. The internal audit checklist may be used for requirement audits initially and then filtered for ongoing process audits.

Process audit checklist

The adoption of the ‘process approach’ is mandated by ISO 9001:2015 and is one of the most important concepts relating to your quality management system. You can use the Process Audit Checklist Template for conducting an in-depth analysis to verify that individual processes; comprising the management system, are performing and producing outputs in accordance with your planned outcomes.

Supplier audit checklist

When evaluating and selecting suppliers, supplier audits are often conducted to verify that the potential supplier has an adequate management system that can ensure consistent performance in delivering conforming products, parts or services. Use the off-site Supplier Self-assessment Form to initially gather this information. Based on risk and other priorities, use the on-site Supplier Audit Checklist to undertake a more detailed, 2nd party, follow-up supplier audit.

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Over 8,000 small businesses and globally recognized brands have relied on our audit checklists, procedures and quality manual templates to provide a path to improve, collaborate, enhance their operations and achieve their certification goals in diverse business sectors ranging from:

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Why should you buy our internal audit templates?

Quick and easy to implement!

Prepared using Office 2016, and supplied in .docx and .xlsx formats; the audit templates are fully editable to allow you to amend the text, tables, graphics and diagrams to suit your business's requirements. The management system templates are packaged in a .zip file for fast and secure download from our SSL server.

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Certification Bodies such as BSI and UKAS, as well as independent Consultants and External Auditors, have commented upon the high-level of detail and excellent presentation standard. 'A practical guide to producing your own quality management system.' Cranfield University, UK.

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Audit checklist template example downloads

Download examples of our internal audit and process audit templates in .pdf format and see how they could help you save time and money!

Internal audit checkist examples in .pdf format
Internal Audit Checklist Demo Supplier Self-Assessment
10-Year Audit Programme Internal Audit Procedure
Process Audit Checklist Template RCA & Corrective Action Guidance

Audit checklist template formatting and compatibility

The editable internal audit templates are supplied in .docx and .xlsx formats, while the guidance documents are supplied .pdf format. They are compatible with Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat for Windows or MAC and are compatible with SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, and all proprietary digital storage solutions.

What are ‘audit criteria’?

We’ve all heard the term ‘audit criteria’ but what exactly does it mean? As defined in ISO 19011:2018, audit criteria are used as ‘a reference against which conformity is determined’. It goes on to say that ‘The criteria may include one or more of the following:

  1. Policies, processes, and procedures;
  2. Performance criteria including objectives, statutory and regulatory requirements, management system requirements;
  3. Information regarding the context and the risks and opportunities as determined by the auditee (including relevant external/internal interested parties’ requirements);
  4. Business sector codes of conduct or other planned arrangements.

Basically, all documented information that helps you to prove the consistency and compliance of your quality management system should be part of the scope for each individual audit. If you are auditing to verify that the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 are implemented, then the standard itself becomes the audit criteria.

If you are going to audit your quality management system documentation as per ISO 9001:2015, the audit criteria become ISO 9001:2015, and relevant quality management system documentation such as the quality manual, procedures, work instructions, standard operating procedures, and forms, etc.

If you are going to conduct a product audit against a production control plan, the audit criteria will be the control plan itself, or relevant parts of it. The same applies when auditing an operator to see whether they follow the Work Instruction, the audit criteria is the Work Instruction for that process and any applicable criteria.

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